Our intensely soothing, quickly absorbed fine fragrance, luxury Hand Lotion is enriched with hand-picked natural extracts from the British Isles. Hands are the most weathered part of the body, so merit the special attention of a soothing and protecting Hand Lotion, designed to soften and comfort while releasing an intriguing, long-lasting aroma.

Vegan, paraben-free, SLS-free, gluten-free & cruelty-free.

Our range of luxury Hand Lotions are created with natural extracts, sourced from the around the British Isles blended with fine fragrances, with clearly defined top, heart and base notes. The nutrient-rich extracts protect and restore the skin while the fine fragrance gently cloaks your hands, truly capturing Britain in a Bottle.

The crowning bottle design for our luxury Hand Lotion was inspired by the satisfying shape of an old British whisky keg, and each bottle is topped by a custom-created pump embossed with the Noble Isle Coat of Balms, adding a stylish touch to any room. Each luxury Hand Lotion has a complementing partner, a non-drying luxury Hand Wash – a match made in Britain.