September 20, 2012


I absolutely love coming to Ireland. The people have this wonderful way of calling you ‘love’ but it not seeming unusual but warm, friendly and welcoming, especially when you travel to the small fishing villages along the South West Coast of Ireland, where Noble Isle sources extracts of Samphire and Sea Oak for “Sea of Green” Hand Wash and Lotion, in Roaringwater Bay. I could spend all day enjoying fresh mussels and listening to tales of the Irish through live music by the local musicians that just happen to pop by throughout the day creating an atmosphere that is unmatched. But alas, I must head back into the city and get to work because I am here for a reason…..Noble Isle has launched on the Emerald Isle!

For the past six months we have been working on setting up a partnership with the most well known luxury retailer in Ireland, Brown Thomas, and last week we were delighted to announce we launched our stunning collection in their three stores. It is the beginning of a perfect partnership, for not only are they home to some of the most exclusive and luxurious brands in the world, but the staff and team at Brown Thomas create such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they make you want to stay and spend time shopping…a truly inviting experience.

My visit was to train the staff of Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Over breakfast, I shared the tales of the background of the extracts suppliers, showed the breathtaking landscape photography taken by Bob Berry of the provenance sites and explained the top, heart and base notes of each fine fragrance. I am pleased to say that the staff loved the product and are proud to be the exclusive retailers in Ireland for Noble Isle.

We couldn’t be more pleased by the overwhelming Irish welcome!

Alesha Campbell, Sales Executive for Noble Isle


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